Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Premier Album is Released!

Drenched in the hauntingly beautiful sounds of a Florida swamp, Two Bunny Morning blends the harmonies of acoustic guitar, harpsichord, birdsong, bells, electronic synthesizer and vocal duets in happy whimsical romps, ballads, lullabies and love songs. Two Bunny Morning... songs from the heart to sing along with your dog. 
    •    The Sky is Blue Because of You
    •    Up from the Swamp
    •    Little Bird, A Note of Hope
    •    Little Bird Flying High
    •    Walking in Clouds
    •    Floatin' Down the Bayou, A Ruffian Lullabunny
    •    Sweet As Honeysuckle
    •    They Say It Ain't Goin' To Last
    •    Two Bunny Morning
    •    The Ruffians' Christmas Song

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