Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Can Still Remember Springtime is Released!

Full of happy howling and wistful wailing, soulful sighing and courageous trying, finding sparkles and following rainbows, seeking truth and finding your own true love… another fine representation of the unique blend of Americana and Dog Music coming out of LilyLand, Florida...

After many years in the making, we proudly present our latest album, I Can Still Remember Springtime, blending the harmonies of acoustic guitar, birdsong, bells and electronic synthesizer with touching vocal duets by the incomparable Two Bunny Morning, singing happy whimsical romps, courageously performed ballads and wistful dreamy love songs.  

Two Bunny Morning... songs from the heart to sing along with your dog. 

  • I Can Still Remember Springtime
  • Sing, Birdie, Sing!
  • Sparkles on the Water
  • The Clouds Are Floating By
  • I Feel a Cool Brrreeze
  • Crooked Wings
  • Swingin' on My Tarzan Swing
  • Listening to Christmas Music
  • And the Instrumental Version of each song! 

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