Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Long Awaited Second Album Will Soon Be Released!

I Can Still Remember Springtime... full of happy howling, soulful sighing and wistful wailing from the Nature loving duo, Two Bunny Morning!

Another fine representation of the unique blend of Americana and Dog Music coming out of LilyLand, Florida, this latest Two Bunny Morning album showcases Lily Mae’s fine improvisational interpretations along with her mom’s increasingly impressive skill at making an electronic tuning dial imitate a metronome.

  • I Can Still Remember Springtime
  • Sing, Birdie, Sing!
  • Sparkles on the Water
  • The Clouds Are Floating By
  • I Feel a Cool Brrreeze
  • Crooked Wings
  • Swingin' on My Tarzan Swing
  • Listening to Christmas Music
  • And the Instrumental Version of each song!

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